Adz Up represents nearly every major shopping centre in New Zealand.
Our site list of 50 locations includes all AMP, Kiwi & Colliers shopping 
centres and accounts for over 100 million customer visits each year.

Mall Door Media

Reach shoppers during their critical path to purchase with this large, high impact medium. Creative can be applied to any of the sliding doors on the Adz Up network. Campaigns can be targeted around a specific entrance, close to supermarkets , cinemas or high end fashion precincts. Go to Mall Door Media

Washroom A3 Panels

Capitalising on this captive audience and offering advertisers the unique ability to target their market by gender, washroom advertising is an effective way to communicate to people behind closed doors. Go to Washrooms

Full Washroom Cubicle Door Wraps

Adz Up’s premium washroom product. Creative is applied to the entire outside of the cubicle door. For added impact spread your creative message across two or three doors in a row. Go to Door Wraps.

Parent Rooms – A2 Panels

Could there be a better opportunity than Parent Rooms to target mums and dads taking time out from their shopping experience? Go to Parent Rooms.

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