Mall Door Media

Mall Door Media quite literally opens doors across the country and is the latest high impact large format advertising medium to reach New Zealand. A specialised adhesive material with third party advertising is placed on the front side of door entrances to shopping centres.  

Introduced to the New Zealand advertising market in May 2005, the Mall Door Media concept is made possible by material that is designed to allow an advertisement to be viewed by shoppers as they enter the centre. However, from the reverse side the glass is clear.

Advertisers can purchase the left and right sliding doors and where available, the side glass panels on the entrances.

For an integrated sound and visual mall door campaign – Custom built speakers are available at selected super entrances across our Mall and Cinema Network.

Adz Up has secured the exclusive rights to 36 locations across New Zealand for Mall Door Media product. Adz Up is the first media company in New Zealand to market this unique and effective product to advertisers.

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